WILD WOMAN Archetype Botanical Perfume

A collaboration between Amrita Aromatics & Alexandra Schueler

Wild. Free. Powerful. Sensual. Natural.

A wild woman is a woman who unleashes and embraces her authentic nature, by following her heart, listening to her intuition, expressing herself fully, reveling in pleasure, and aiming her arrow true on her path.

Inspired by the earthy, sensuality that the wild woman archetype offers, we bring you this exceptionally unique, limited edition, botanical perfume — custom crafted, based on the alluring scents that we feel embody the nature of the wild woman archetype.

Blended by the incredible Ananda Wilson of Amrita Aromatics, this is a sweet, dark, earthy perfume with a bright bergamot top note, an intoxicating jasmine heart, and deep vetiver and vanilla dry down.

It's a gorgeous, wild, sexy, and an unapologetic natural perfume.

Other Details:

Perfume comes in a 5 ml. flask bottle with a silver screw cap.

Fragrance Family: Dark Floral

Fragrance Characteristics: Sweet, dark, earthy, bright top notes, intoxicating jasmine heart, deep vetiver and vanilla drydown, very sensual pairing well with evening and night time but wearable all day.

Sillage / Tenacity: WILD WOMAN lasts 2 - 7 hours, and varies depending on personal chemistry, amount applied, temperature and physical activity. Natural perfumes evolve differently on each person.

The WILD WOMAN archetype botanical perfume is a strong percentage Pure Perfume Extrait strength held in a stable base of coconut oil and artisanal vanilla bean spirits.

Care: Store out of heat and light.

Packaging: Enclosed in a chocolate colored box made out of recycled material, you will find your 5 ml. bottle of Wild Woman Archetype botanical perfume, tucked into a beautiful organza pouch, and sprinkled with rose and jasmine flowers.

Safety: We recommend doing a patch test upon receiving the perfume. If you know you are sensitive by nature, use the perfume on hair or darker colored scarves and clothing. The perfume may stain light colored clothing, as it is a blend of darker colored oils.

Amrita Aromatics perfumes are 100% natural, artisanal fragrances. Phthalate, synthetic, and paraben free. Handcrafted in small batches.

© Amrita Aromatics, Ananda Wilson, All rights reserved

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WILD WOMAN Archetype Botanical Perfume
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About Amrita Aromatics & Apothecary

Amrita Aromatics & Apothecary is a small artisan line of pure botanical creations by perfumer and herbalist Ananda Wilson. Each item is carefully crafted completely by hand with a deep investment of creativity, inspiration, love, time, and over 20 years of skill and practice.

Every product is all natural, utilizing synergies of wildcrafted botanicals, handmade extracts and preparations, carefully sourced pure essential oils, absolutes, attars, and exquisite rare aromatics. Many hours of inspiration and critical thinking is given to each creation.

To browse her full product line, you can check that out here.

About Ananda Wilson

I am continually inspired by nature, trees, water, art, rhythms, dance, music, myth, and life phases.

Working with plant aromatics is my devotion and specialty; with a knack and nose for blending unique and highly praised, sacred, therapeutic perfume blends - both perfectly simple and evocative ones as well as deeply complex, sophisticated, and rich compositions. They are designed to elicit pleasure medicine, amplify intentions, catalyze sensory bliss, self care ritual, emotional support and seduction, and to ignite your imagination with a powerful terrain of scent imagery and narrative.

Natural perfumes' sillage and story varies widely depending on the blend. It may be strong, soft, last long or short, change over time, and respond to your body temperature and hormonal cycle. It is incredibly alive and responsive to each individual. Know that when you purchase a natural perfume, it is an intimate engagement in the wild natural world and will not offer the predictable, cloying, or forceful type of experience that commercial perfumes often do.

I invite you to anoint yourself with a fragrant prayer to your beautiful Self.

Amrita (Sanskrit: अमृत; IAST: amṛta) or more correctly “Amrit" (Sanskrit: अमृत) as the final a sound in English is a half a and almost silent, or Amrut (Sanskrit: अमृत) is a Sanskrit word that literally means "immortality", and is often referred to in texts as nectar.