Wild Feminine Un.leashed

A Virtual Temple of Sisterhood

We're living in a world today where far too many women are caught up in the disease of competition with one another, rather than focused on cultivating real connection.

Everyone just wants to be Instagram famous, and has no problem tearing one another down in the process.

However, my belief is that deep down, women have desires beyond this.

I think that in their heart of hearts, most women truly crave having supportive friendships with one another, where instead of competing with one another, they interact with each woman as thought they might be a potential "sister" in their life.

Women are carrying around a load of cultural baggage on their shoulders that says we need to fight, compete, and hurt one another in order to get the guy, the job, and the life we want.


That's so far from the truth.

I believe that as women, we can have it all — the life of our wildest dreams that's rich with supportive female connection, surrounded by women who desire to lift us up in our aspirations, rather than tear us down.

Are you a woman who desires truly loving and supportive connections with other women in your life (aka bullshit free friendships)? Do you want to immerse yourself in a group of women where you are treated with respect, adoration, and appreciation rather than with cattiness, drama, and criticism?

Perhaps you're craving a web of sacred sisterhood, where you can show up as your whole self — uninhibited, uncensored, untamed — where all parts of you are not only accepted, but wholeheartedly celebrated.

You know, the kind of place where you can be that fierce wild woman that you are, without having to hold anything back.

If that’s what you are seeking, seek no further, sister.

You’ve found your pack. Your sisters await you.

Welcome to Wild Feminine Un.leashed: A Virtual Temple of Sisterhood.

Whether you're a woman who struggles to find likeminded female friendships in your day to day life, desire a sisterhood sanctuary to retreat to for nourishment, or you are a woman with lots of supportive sister-like friendships in your life and just want to immerse yourself in even more woman-positive communities, this is the place for you.

What’s it all about?

Wild Feminine Un.leashed is a community of real ass women, dedicated to unveiling their truest nature. It's a safe place for women to unleash themselves from patriarchal oppression with the support of sisterhood all around them.

It’s sacred feminine meets badass warrior chick — virtual red tent style gathering meets the a coven of cackling witches — a marriage of feminism meets modern day woman.

Wild Feminine Un.leashed a safe online space to give and receive support amongst other incredible women (yourself included!), where you can ask questions, receive or offer advice, laugh with one another, create dialogue around taboo topics you might not have a place to otherwise talk about these things, sort through conflict, and reach into the core of conversations about anything from relationships, sex, money, health, feminine health and hygiene, self-care, fitness, and so much more.

Wild Feminine Un.leashed is more than just another online group — it's a support system and inspiration machine for creating the life of your dreams and becoming all of what you desire to step into.

The virtual temple is open 24/7, 365 days a year. That’s right — the doors are always open for you to enter the temple at any time.

The actual virtual "temple" is a private Facebook group which only paying members have access to.

Whether you have a fight with your partner and want some immediate sisterly support, you are preparing for an important day at work and want some good mojo sent your way, or maybe there’s just an intimate topic you want to discuss or ask questions about without feeling judged — this sacred space is available to you for support at any given moment.

Not only are the doors always open, but with room for 115 sisters, there are bound to be at least a few women available in the group at any given moment to support you.

We’re here for you. We've got you.

You can dive into experiencing the sacred feminine through sisterhood any hour of the day, any day of the week.

We are weaving holiness together in this web of women.

So, why do I want to un.leash women through sisterhood?

I grew up going to public schools as a teenager. My experience of these years were ridden with bullying, drama, and catty behavior — especially amongst the girls.

Most of my years coming into my womanhood were spent feeling empty, confused, and alone not knowing who of the women in my life I could honestly trust. Of course there were a few exceptions to this, with a handful girlfriends who I could feel honestly loved and supported me.

But there were few women I felt I could trust. Some horrifying things that happened to me in these past female friendships. Unimaginable pain, hurt, and betrayal.

My guess is you've probably experienced something similar, because just about every woman I've talked to has sisterhood wounds or some kind.

I liked hanging out with guys more than I liked hanging out with other girls most of the time, because they were drama free, filterless and it never felt like there was competition between myself and them. It was almost like there was something safer about friendships with men.

However, I knew I was meant to have meaningful relationships with women.

Coming into my adulthood, I finally began cultivating some friendships that felt like true sisterhood. Friendships that were free of the catty high-school style drama, full of depth, and rich with substance. The kind of sister-like connections where I felt held, seen, and where I could finally trust fully. Like family.

Since then those few friendships of true sisterhood have multiplied into dozens upon dozens of these connections.

I have stood along side of so many women in transformational empowerment work and healing experiences that have shown me the profound depth of sisterhood connection that's available between women when the right kind of space is created for us to relate within.

Yes, I'm telling you that beautiful female friendships can exist, and not only that — sisterhood is the salve for the wounding.

I have held super magical spaces for women to connect and cultivate true sisterhood in their lives.

This is my work in the the world - to provide a healing environment that's full of all the necessary tools for women to learn, grow, and connect with one another in a manner that promotes healthy ways of relating between women. Read more about women's experiences in working with me here.

I’ve felt your pain in relating with women.

I’ve felt your fear around surrendering back into connection with women.

I understand that relating with women in friendships can come with lots of history, stories, and challenges.

I know the pain that can come from feeling like your “sisters” aren’t really your sisters.

And that’s exactly why I’m offering Wild Feminine Un.leashed — because I hold space like a motherfucker and I'm committed to helping the women of the world to re-write the story of what it means to be in friendships with one another.

This sisterhood is free of the modern ways of relating amongst women. That means no cattiness, no drama, no betrayals, and all of the traumas which have unfortunately become the new norm in women relating with one another.

Yes, we all have our own ideas of what sisterhood looks like and being in community with one another is not always the easiest experience, but the kind of women that this temple space calls to are women who are willing to do the work and we have systems in place to support conflict resolution when necessary.

This virtual temple space is for women who are so committed to themselves and their sisters, that they are willing to look within themselves and grow through their pain points, show up fully for their sisterhood, and always be ready to expand into greater versions of themselves. This temple space is not for women who like to overtly judge others, are attracted to petty drama, and are drawn to catty behavior.

Now let's get down to it — what exactly do you get as a member of Wild Feminine Un.leashed?

This is not surface level experience. Un.leashed is a space for diving deep. It's a place for exploring the inner terrain of your soul, freely expressing your spirit, and shining as bright as you possibly can. It's a place to be heard, seen, and felt.

Does that scare you a little bit, or maybe make your stomach dance with excitement? If so, that's a good thing, and you'll have all the support you need to make the above happen.

Warrior chicks, mama's, herbalists, entrepreneurs, dancers, artists, coaches, writers, nature lovers, health enthusiasts — you name it — whatever you do, whomever you are, wherever you hail from, there is a space for you in the sisterhood.

Wild Feminine Un.leashed is a virtual temple of sisterhood for any woman who feels the stir of her wild nature wanting to be expressed. It's for women who are ready to step into powerful, strong, and supportive relationships with women.

If you're a woman who has been dreaming of being a part of a sisterhood community like this, where you can lean back and even fall down, trusting that you will be fully caught by your sisters — you've reached your destination. This is home.

"We were women seeking a spiritual home, a place where we would be respected and welcomed, where our souls would be healed and empowered, and where our experiences would be honored as a source of spiritual wisdom." —Phyllis Curott

All the perks of WFU:

- Access to a Private Virtual Sisterhood of Intentionally Gathered & Diverse Women: I see this as the biggest gift that the sisterhood offers. Having the space to connect with other women who are gathered with similar intentions to connect and grow alongside you is absolutely invaluable. The tribe of women in this sisterhood are so much of what makes this place so incredibly special.

- Daily Themed Practices & Rituals: I've created an ongoing practice and ritual experience called the Animal Spirit Transformation Quest, where we use The Animal Spirit Oracle Deck by The Wild Unknown to guide us on a journey of learning about various animal spirit totems, while implementing practices and rituals related to their themes along the way. While participating in the quest isn't required, we offer this ongoing experience as an encouraged practice to help you step out of your comfort zone, nudge you into freer self-expression, engage in a learning experience, inspire your optimal health and well-being, as well as support you in expanding into greater and greater versions of yourself.

- Weekly Live "Circle Time" Calls with the Sisterhood: Another one of the more exciting parts of WFU. Once per week, we gather for a live video call together to have a sisterhood discussion hour. Typically, the conversation and topic of focus on the call comes through organically, while other times we might discuss the highlights of the week, personal challenges or celebrations, and more. You can come prepared with your questions for me, personal thoughts, musings, ideas, or whatever you feel inspired to share with the sisterhood. Recordings of all live calls are posted within 24 hours of the session.

- Monthly Sisterhood Spotlight Calls: The WFU sisterhood is an inherently talented and wise bunch of women. Yes, that means you too. Once per month, a sister signs up to host her own mentoring call for the group, where she highlights a skill or craft of hers. Whether it's a presentation, a coaching session, a reading of sorts, a general discussion, leading us through a practice or ritual, and more — each month a sister has the space to take over the floor to share her expertise with us. This is not required, but encouraged so we can witness one another in our skill set and offerings! Recordings of all live calls are posted within 24 hours of the session.

- Monthly Live Mentoring Session with a Guest Educator: Each month we will bring in a special guest educator from the realm of women's empowerment to offer a one-hour, live audio presentation, followed by a 30 minute Q/A. Think specific topics like sexuality, nature exploration, women's health, cooking, healing modalities, women's leadership, money, freedom, relationships, spirituality, and more. This is such a highlight to receive free access to these wise individuals. Recordings of all live calls are posted within 24 hours of the session.

- Bi-Annual Retreats: Ability to register for and participate in the private Wild Feminine Un.leashed bi-annual retreats that happen on the East and West coast of the United States each year -- these retreats are only open to members of the sisterhood, where we share in ritual, ceremony, workshops, and immersion into nature.

- Monthly Fireside Chats: Once per month, I provide the sisterhood with an audio based "fireside chat" which is in the form of a mini training, off the cuff discussion, or meditation on relevant themes to the work we’re doing in WFU. This could be anything from a meditation on healing your relationship to your sexuality, to a workshop on doing work with your shadows, a rant on patriarchal suppression, how to build and altar, and more.

- Weekly Community Tarot Readings: We are blessed to have Paula Martin as our in-house tarot goddess. Each Wednesday morning, Paula does a tarot reading on behalf of our entire sisterhood. A pinned post will be created at the top of the group page with a photo of the card and an explanation of it's meaning. Insight, inspiration, guidance.

- Access to a Private Buyers Club: Receive generous ongoing discounts with companies who offer incredible products to support your wild feminine lifestyle. Because who doesn't love rad products and savings. Cha-ching!

- Private Conflict Resolution Council: With quarterly rotating conflict resolution council sourced from within the sisterhood itself on a volunteer basis, the group has a wealth of inherent support for navigating conflict when it arises (very infrequently, might I add!) This rotating council is available on a personal support basis, as well as within a private subgroup that women can enter into and out of to navigate conflict as it arises.

- New Sister Welcoming Council: Every woman who joins the space is partnered with a woman from our new sister welcoming council, to support new members in getting initiated into the sisterhood as well as integrating into the virtual temple. This looks like a month of one-on-one support, an official blessing in joining the sisterhood, assistance in navigating all the nooks and crannies of Wild Feminine Un.leashed, and whatever else comes up for need in supporting for the first 30 days of a new sister's membership.

- Monthly Contests & Giveaways Exclusively in the Temple: You heard it, free stuff! Twice per month, we offer incredible giveaways of artisan, hand-crafted products or special offerings like jewelry, tee shirts, books, herbal supplies, perfumes, and awesome things like of that nature.

- Work with Ali Personally: Receive special pricing for working with yours truly in any of my one-on-one wild woman sessions or programs. These one-on-one experiences are perfectly complimentary to your immersion into WFU, in taking your journey even deeper with some intimate and personalized support.

- Insider Access to All Things Wild Woman Speaks: Be the first to hear when new WWS offerings are available so you get dibs on whatever is coming down the pipeline before anyone else!

- Wild Feminine Un.leashed Calendar: An easy, breezy, password protected calendar that you will be provided access to immediately upon registration. Housed via my website, you can quickly log-in at your convenience to see all the calls and sisterhood related events planned for the coming month. Individual events can be imported into your digital calendar system.

- New Members Welcome Package: A special guide complete with a personalized welcome e-mail and video, an official Wild Feminine Un.leashed Handbook, as well as a video tutorial / tour to support you in your experience with dropping into and navigating the online space..

- Intimate Personal Support From Your Fellow Un.leashed Sisters & Team: This is priceless — having an outlet for direct and personal one-on-one support from fellow wild women. Whether it is your sisters, myself, or someone from the staff of WFU, you will always have access to someone when you are in need or just want to connect.

- True Sisterhood Connection: How can you put a price on quality relationships? It can be challenging to find an ideal group of women to hang with in this day and age, especially with all of the cultural baggage we have in female connections. There's no defining the value of connecting with women in a sacred space, where trust, love and support can be shared so freely.

- 24 Hour Support: Around the clock, the Virtual Temple is open. At any given time, it's likely that dozens of Un.leashed sisters will be present in the group to be there for you when you have a question, need some support, desire celebration, or just someone to listen!

Are you in, or are you in, sister?


Membership Options:

Monthly Membership Investment: $55

Quarterly Membership Investment: $149

Yearly Membership Investment: $595

In the spirit of intimacy and deep connection, there is a limit on the capacity within the Virtual Temple.

Maximum Spaces: 115

Claim your place in the sisterhood now!

It's time to un.leash yourself, dear one.

Welcome home.

(Moments after joining and making your first payment, you will receive a welcome e-mail that contains all of the juicy deets about how to begin your new journey in the Wild Feminine Un.leashed Virtual Temple of Sisterhood!)

Questions, comments, or having challenges registering? Contact us here and myself or someone from my team will be back in touch with you, within 24 hours Monday through Friday. Be sure to check out the FAQ section below before e-mailing as we've answered many common questions there.

The Wild Feminine Un.leashed Team

Alexandra Schueler — Your hostess, facilitator, and resident sisterhood mama wolf.

I'm a cauldron of modern day warrior chick meets empowerment activist, quadruple Scorpio, with a heavy pinch of feminine spiritualist, witchy vibes, and a little bit of hip-hop flair.

As a resilient, truth seeking spirit, with a passionate love for the feminine mysteries, I lead a lifestyle that is constantly fueled by my study of women's empowerment, as well as my commitment to being a real ass woman.

I'm here to hold the most exquisite virtual temple space for our sisterhood, with the intention to inspire you, uplift you, connect with you, while making you laugh a whole lot along the way. I’m at your back supporting you in stepping into your most greatest sense of self, while cultivating the most beautiful sisterhood that you could ever dream of.

Lauren McKenna  Lauren is the co-moderator & Queen of logistics in Wild Feminine Un.leashed. She's a quiet yet compassionate force who feels at home in her life’s work when she is holding space and advocating for others. Inspired by her upbringing, and guided by her empathetic nature, she strives to bring women to a place of feeling and believing that they are seen, heard, accepted and celebrated. 

A true earth sign but with Gemini ruling much of her chart, Lauren is in her element when in nature or amongst the pillows in her bed, being playful and exploring her curiosities. In her free time you can find her catching up with one of her sisters, reading a book, trying to catch the sunset, or blissfully eating a divine meal - probably brunch.

Born and raised in Vermont, Lauren is getting ready to embark on a chapter of traveling, her first stop being in the PNW.

100% Money-Back Guarantee!

I am so confident that you are going to be fully satisfied with what you receive from this virtual sisterhood, that I am happy to offer you a 100% refund on your membership investment within 14 days of payment, if you truly feel dissatisfied with your experience. Refunds are only eligible with proof of active participation in the group and engagement in live mentoring sessions. This money-back guarantee does not apply to recurring payments after your first month of participation, only to your initial up front membership investment.

Note on Canceling Your Membership:

You can cancel your membership at any time! There is no pressure to stay beyond your monthly, quarterly, or yearly membership. However, once you make payment for your membership, the 14 day money-back guarantee applies and refunds are no longer available after that time-frame.

By signing up, you are agreeing to recurring payments charged to the credit card you use for purchase (recurring charges will be made on the same day of your initial payment on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis depending upon which membership you choose). If there comes a time when you want to cancel your membership, you can simply stop payment using the confirmation instructions that are provided upon registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What platform is Wild Feminine Unleashed hosted on?

The virtual temple is hosted through Facebook. It is a private group arrangement, where members are approved only when we receive registration for them having signed up. If a member discontinues their membership, they are removed within 24 hours of discontinuation.

2.) How do I continue my membership after one month, one quarter, or one year (based on which membership you chose)?

You don't have to do a thing! Once you sign up for a membership, whether it's for a month, quarter, or year -- WFU memberships are recurring, so you are in it to win it in the temple unless you choose to actively cancel your membership. Basically, you don't have to do a thing once you register, except reap all the fabulous benefits!

3.) How do I discontinue my membership?

You can discontinue your membership at any time. You will be provided with exact instructions for discontinuing your membership after registration, but it's as simply as clicking "cancel" whenever you feel complete.

4.) How many women are allowed in Wild Feminine Un.leashed at a time?

There is a maximum of 250 sisters within the virtual temple at any given moment. The intention with WFU is to create a very intimate and personal space. Due to that intention, space is limited.

5.) What happens if someone violates the sisterhood Ethics & Guidelines?

If there is a direct violation of the temple Ethics & Guidelines, especially that involves bullying, shaming, cattiness, petty drama, and overt insensitivity, that member will be subject to immediate removal from the sisterhood without a refund. There will always be personal communication with the member before removal, should it get to that point.

"Whether a woman knows it or not, she is a vessel of great magnitude born capable of reshaping humanities destiny, if she only knew the true depths of her innate gifts. Be prepared now to see the fierce face of the feminine rock as her inner geographies of volcanic strength erupt from a love she has held in her belly for life all of her days. This is not a gasp of her last breath. It is her birthing cry into her wise leadership on our planet." —ALisa Starkweather