Wild Feminine Un.leashed Summer Solstice Retreat

// A Deep Dive into Sisterhood //

June 22nd - 26th

The Summer Solstice beckons us with her blazing sunlight and fruitful abundance, to gather again and revel in the richness of sisterhood medicine that this tribe of women has to offer.

With the New Moon guiding us back to our center and a Super moon calling us to rise up, we'll be meeting in the Green Mountains of Vermont this Summer to circle up and pay homage with deep connection, to this web of sisterhood we're weaving.

At the peak of the light of the year, I'm so excited to be in circle with you woman to honor this powerful sabbat and the fullness of life that this time of year brings.

We'll be raising our energy over the course of five days together to regenerate abundance, manifest our dreams, heal the stories we tell ourselves, council on social justice and be the change we want to see in the world.

Not only is the Summer Solstice a time for honoring the sun, but it's a time for honoring the spiritual fire within each and every one of us.

We'll be spending our days honoring this potent solar energy together through prayer, ritual, ceremony, deep connection with one another, and of course... tons of naked sun bathing!

I'm so excited to be welcoming you women to my home state of Vermont for this retreat.

The inviting green palette of this place will fold you into it's embrace and blast your heart chakra wide open with all of the abundance it has to offer in nature, between it's plant and animal life and rooted energy, as the land here calls you to take your shoes off and with barefeet on the ground, heart to the sky, and come home to your damn self.



Central Vermont

(Exact address will be e-mailed to you prior to retreat)

Lodging / Accommodations

The Meadow House rests at the base of the Worcester Mountains across from the Western trailhead to Hunger Mountain.

The inside spaces offer a spacious floor plan accommodating large groups, comfortably.

Outside spaces include a secluded 1/2 acre pond, maple sugarbush, and a trail system that connects with the Skyline trail, White Rock, Hogback Mountain, Stowe Pinnacle, and Worcester Mountain summits to the North. 

Originally a ski dorm cabin, the Meadow House was recently remodeled and includes a curved cathedral ceiling that delivers lush acoustics and dynamic ambiance.

The expansive hillside meadow in front of the Meadow House delivers the residencies’ namesake - as well as enough clearance to provide 360-degree views from the roof deck. 

The Western views are abundantly incorporated into the design of the house and span roughly 50 miles from Mt. Abe in the South to Mt. Mansfield up North and includes Camel’s Hump as well as the entire Bolton range due West.


The following airports are the closest options to choose from, that you can fly into. Be sure to coordinate with your sisters if you'd like to carpool, as we will likely have many women from the West Coast driving with room in their cars, and other women who will be renting cars which you can all chip in on and share to travel to the location together:

 45 minutes from Burlington International Airport

 3.5 hours from Boston Logan International Airport

2.45 hours from Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport  

(Note: This are relatively rough estimates in time and distance based on Google Maps. Traffic and unknown conditions may have these times vary.)


Our beloved Amber Rose Stahl will be sharing her culinary expertise with us, by catering meals for us each day we are together. We will be enjoying 100% organic meals together, including locally sourced ingredients as much as possible.

Our meals will include:

Thursday Dinner + Arrival Snacks

Friday Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

Saturday Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

Sunday Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

Monday Breakfast + Departure Snacks

There will be hot coffee and herbal sun tea available in the mornings, along with breakfast items to choose from.

Our meals will consist of a lot of fresh veggies, eggs, various rices, legumes, some meat, a bit of cheese, etc.

If you have any firm dietary restrictions, please be sure to let us know in advance so that we can do our best to accommodate your needs. However, we can't guarantee we will be able to accommodate every need. Make sure to bring any extra food items you might need through the weekend to support you having an enjoyable dining experience while we are together!

*** Temporary Schedule ***

Thursday // SPIRIT

Arrive (well) BEFORE 5PM: Unpack, Get Settled

5PM: Opening Circle - Welcoming, Logistics, Talking Stick

7PM & On: Dinner & Socializing

Friday // WATER

8-10AM: Casual Breakfast + Free Time

10AM: Naked Yoga with Michelle Louise Marie

11:30AM-12PM: Sisterhood Mini Group Connection Time

12-1:00PM: Free time, walk the land, journal, cards, prayer

1-2PM: Lunch & Socializing

2-5PM: Self-Healing Ceremony

5-7PM: Free time, walk the land, journal, cards, prayer

7PM: Dinner & Socializing

8PM on: WATER Ritual Cleansing

Saturday // FIRE


8 - 10AM: Casual Breakfast + Free Time

10AM: Naked Yoga with Michelle Louise Marie

11:30AM-12PM: Sisterhood Mini Group Connection Time

12-1:00PM: Free time, walk the land, journal, cards, prayer

1-2PM: Lunch & Socializing

2-4PM: Telling Your Story Workshop with Movement & Writing

4-7PM: Free time, walk the land, journal, cards, prayer

7PM: Dinner & Socializing

8PM On: FIRE Ritual Burning

Sunday // EARTH

8-10AM: Casual Breakfast + Free Time

10AM: Naked Yoga with Michelle Louise Marie

11:30AM-12PM: Sisterhood Mini Group Connection Time

12-1:00PM: Free time, walk the land, journal, cards, prayer

1-2PM: Lunch & Socializing

2-3PM: EARTH Ritual Crafting

4-7PM: Sisterhood Council on Social Justice + Being the Change

7PM: Dinner & Socializing

8PM On: Sisterhood Storytelling, Snuggles & Fireside Chat

Monday // AIR

8 - 10AM: Casual Breakfast + Free Time

10AM - 2PM: AIR Ritual Breathing Life, Closing Circle & Check-out

2 - 3PM: Packing, Snacks, Goodbye's

Retreat Investment:


This includes:

4 Breakfasts

3 Lunches

4 Dinners

3 Month Membership to Wild Feminine Un.leashed

Lodging & Accommodations

Ceremony & Rituals

Workshops & Craft Activities

Gifts & Surprises

Investment in Full:

(3 Spots Remaining!)

(Open until June 20th)

NOTE: Deposits + installments toward retreat tuition are non-refundable.

Your Space Holders

Alexandra Schueler is your retreat hostess, facilitator, and resident sisterhood mama wolf.

I'm here to hold the most exquisite space for our retreat sisterhood with the intention to inspire you to come closer home to yourself, connect with you deeply, guide us into potent ritual space, all while making you laugh a whole lot along the way.

I’m at your back supporting you in stepping into your greatest sense of self, while cultivating beautiful sisterhood along the way.

Amber Rose Stahl Our Offical Kitchen Witch, is a Private Chef, Shamanic Artist & Intuitive Healer.

Skilled at creating high vibe nourishment to feed the body, mind and soul, her cooking is nothing short of magic.

Chef Amber will be preparing all organic, consciously sourced meals, prepared with fierce love.

Michelle Louise Marie is an embodiment priestess devoted to bringing consciousness back into our bodies. She will guide you to uncover the deep wisdom in your body and how to use that to connect deeply and authentically with your sisters. 

She will hold safe, sacred space for you to shed the layers that no longer serve you as she leads us in a daily practice of (clothing-optional) yoga, as well as other practices where we have the opportunity to connect in a place beyond words. 

She is honored to serve and share her experience and teachings from around the world: from vipassana meditation and yoga to indigenous teachings and wicca.

Bonus Add-On:

Theraphoto Sessions with Brooke Rosenblum

These sessions are for the wild woman who is ready to embody her core essence.

She is given the space to share her story and allow the lens to act as a sacred mirror. Unfold and reveal your truth as you will be called to express what needs to be shared in that very moment. An unscripted, intuitive flow within nature guides Brooke and her subject to craft a collection which is unparalleled.



- 1 hour photo session at retreat + phone consultation prior

- Minimum of 20 high resolution edited images within a password protected online gallery, as well as a 1 hour.

Photos can be utilized for personal or business purposes

// All images will be delivered within 3 weeks //

Click the button above to purchase -- once re-directed to the following page, simply enter the $175 payment and the funds will go directly to Brooke. She will be in touch with you from there to confirm your work together and sessions will be scheduled in-person at the retreat.