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Through heartbreaks, struggling to understand myself, and feeling like too much in relationship after relationship - this piece is a culmination of me coming to the realization that I might not always be easy to love, but that's because I love fully, deeply, and unconditionally.

This piece is comes out of my process of learning to validate and own my innate worth as a woman, as well as finding comfort in my sexuality in a healthy way, where I no longer require sex or men to define who I am.
Inspired by repeated experiences of not feeling met by men over the years, this piece was written from the place of reclaiming the importance where and who I choose to invest my time and energy into, as well as the value of who I am as a woman.
This piece is inspired by my personal journey and experiences, as well as the experiences of so many women I know, with over-apologizing for ourselves and taking responsibility for other people's "shit". May all women everywhere apologize a little less for being who they are.

This is another piece that was borne out of my journey toward self-love, self-acceptance, and embodiment of my innate worth as I learned how to have a love affair with myself, requiring less and less validation from men or others in order to know my value. My path toward being a woman unto myself, first and foremost.