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One-on-One Mentoring for Women

At the women's retreat I hosted in California last month, one of my sisters there had raised the question (which became a running theme) of:

"What makes you feel most alive?"

This question has been on repeat in my mind, CONSTANTLY since then.

It's become a mantra, of sorts - moment to moment, I find myself checking in to see what would bring me most alive right then and there.

This check-in with myself is serving as a compass, helping me to navigate toward the things that bring me more life and away from the things that drain my energy or bring me down.

That question is exactly part of the reason why I'm traveling abroad for five weeks, and why I do the work that I do with women: to come more alive.

My work is to help you come more alive.

Whether it's at my group retreats, online sisterhood experiences like Wild Feminine Un.leashed, or in one-on-one mentorship with women - I help women to center back into themselves to remember the essence of who they are, the things that make them feel good, while releasing anything that's standing in the way of more life.

It's about re-connecting to the things that make you feel most alive.

Until April 10th, I'm booking one-on-one mentorship sessions with a select few dedicated women who are interested in working together on coming more alive.

It moves me to no end holding space for women to come home to themselves, and it's something I hold fierce motherfucking space for women to do that in both a private mentorship capacity, as well as in group settings at retreats and in online forums.

Coming home to oneself means stripping away the stories, programming, shame, and hurts that have accumulated within us over the years and distanced us from knowing the essence of who we are.

It's re-connecting to that essence, finding what makes us feel most alive, and doing a whole lot more of that.

I'm really wanting to work with a few dedicated women during the next few weeks, who are feeling a deep, soulful hunger to come home to themselves and have a fierce support system at their back to support them in doing so.

I don't normally do one-on-one sessions anymore, but when I feel an inner voice telling me to do something - I follow that shit.

If this speaks to you, and you'd like to jam in a one-on-one session (or a few!) I'd be so damn honored walk hand in hand with you for minute in your journey of homecoming to self.

Single Session

Investment: $200

(One 90 Minute Session)

3 Session Package

Investment: $500

(Three 90 Minute Sessions)


If you'd like to chat with me first before purchasing your sessions, shoot me an e-mail using the contact form below and we can hop on the phone or Skype for 15 minutes to talk more about your goals in working together and see if it's truly a good fit.

I'm a no bullshit kinda woman, and want to make sure this will be a totally mutually beneficial experience in working together!

Name *

In our sessions together, we can jam on all things humanness - including but not limited to:

> Finding & speaking your truth.

> Connecting to & embodying more of your wild feminine nature.

> Releasing shame, culturally imposed taboos & projections that are holding you back.

> Rituals & practices to support your wild feminine lifestyle.

> Reconnecting to your power as a woman.

> Living more transparently & vulnerably.

> Unconditional self-love & acceptance of all parts of yourself.

> How to create true & lasting sisterhood in your life.

> Foods, herbs, & beauty products to invigorate your healthy lifestyle


"Ali is a pioneer assisting women to reconnect with themselves and paving the way for future generations. I'm so blessed to be a part of the amazing collective she's created!"

— Jennifer Austin | British Columbia

"Defining what "freedom" means to me has been the most impactful part of my rewilding journey.  I found the courage to leave my job and pursue a lifestyle and career that feels more authentic to me. Overcoming my fears and embracing my birthright of freedom has been a long journey, but I'll never forget the LAST day I drove to my previous office to work for someone else's dream which is not aligned with my own.  My manifestation of freedom is feeling unreal as I work towards my new business endeavor!

A huge part of claiming my freedom has come from working with Alexandra Schueler in her "Living Your Essence" mentoring program. When I look back and see how far I've come already, I almost can't believe where I started. I have finally found comfort in giving myself permission to embrace my truth and honor my repressed desire for living life aligned with my true essence."

— Katie Burke | Missouri