Name: Sabrina Ourania

Age: 28

Occupation: health coach, yoga teacher, bartender, student

Tell us about yourself!: Im an Aries Sun, Leo Moon, Gemini Rising Greek & Irish American woman claiming her power as a leader/teacher/healer, defining herself, and entering into her Saturn Return.

What is your definition of what a “wild woman” is?: A wild woman is one who has broken free of the illusion of patriarchy that has oppressed the Feminine. She honors both her intuition and her intellect, both her imagination and her reality. She is not afraid of her inner shadow, and willing explores her dark side, claiming and embracing all sides of her Nature. She sees herself as a force of Nature, an extension of Great Mother Gaia. She eats the delicious Forbidden Fruit of Knowledge without shame or regret.

How would you describe your life was like before starting your journey of being a wild woman?: To some degree I have always been a wild woman albeit unconsciously. I was struggling with integration, of my inner Masculine and Feminine and it showed as a projection onto my relationships with both men and women. What I couldn't accept about my wildness was cast upon other women as judgement and what I was resisting persisted in my intimate relationships as power play. I no longer need to play that game anymore.

What were your biggest insecurities before engaging your inner wild woman?: That the woman in me was my weakness and that I needed to embody masculine energy to protect myself from men. I was insecure about how other women viewed me, as un-feminine, or too sexual, or un-domesticated.

What is your life like now that you are actively engaging your inner wild woman?: Authentic, empowered, and one in which I can inspire other women to be the same. I can trust myself now, in a way I could not before. Trust my intuitive knowing. I have claimed more of my unconsciousness self so I have less and less fear within me of my own inner darkness, I have brought her out into the light.

What are your five most favorite aspects of yourself as a wild woman?: 
1. My fluid sexuality
2. The vibrancy I exude now that I don't need to waste energy on repression.
3. My open and vulnerable heart, unconstrained by bras, able to express the full range of human emotions
4. My truth-speaking voice
5. My grounded was in my body

What was the biggest realization, experience, or transformation that most helped you to start unleashing and embracing your wild feminine nature?: There were many but starting point was when I was 13 and had begun my cycle. My best friends mother invited she and I to a women's month New Moon Hoop circle and I discover the power of honoring the rhythms of the Moon, of goddess spirituality, the healing possible when women gather to pray and drum and chant. It changed everything.

What is your favorite part of expressing your wild feminine nature?: It is an offering to the grandmothers who came before me is their struggles and I gift to the women of the future, as I embrace my wild feminine nature, I set us all free.

When do you feel the wildest?: Out in Nature with my sisters, beneath the stars, in the nude, engulfed by the elements, where we don't have anything to hide and the Goddess within comes out to play.

Why did you decide to participate in Wild Women Unveiled.: It matters.

What is your message to other women out there who are just beginning their journey as a wild woman, or haven’t started yet but feel the call of the wild woman speaking to their soul?: The time has come for the Return of the Divine Feminine, through you. You have been born at this moment in time and this place to participate in her return and play a role in the integration and wholeness of creation whether you choose to or not, it is why you are here.


Instagram: ourania22