"Finding Ali only months ago has awakened so much within me! Beyond her great leadership skills, she walks alongside her pack as a friend. The passion she has for her mission in bringing together women shows through in the quality of all that she creates and shares. There are few people my age who have had this kind of a positive impact on my life and it's an honor to share space with her and grow together!"

—Brooke Rosenblum

Photographer | Miami

"Sexy. Raw. Brave. Real. Ali is the embodiment of the Wild Feminine Rising and I am so blessed to have found her work and weave it into the fabric of my life. I'm forever changed because of it."

—Danielle Bertoia

Ayurvedic Practitioner & Vedic Astrologer | British Columbia

"Ali is a graceful warrior spreading the wisdom of the divine feminine in a world deeply in need of healing. She is gifted at holding space for other wild women, offering pieces of gold that she has harvested along her own forays through the wildernesses of her heart. I seek a certain realness, authenticity, and raw sense of humor from my mentors and teachers. Ali exudes all of these unapologetically. Thank you for the work you do in the world, Ali. You are truly a force of nature and I am grateful to walk alongside you on this wild journey called life."

—Rachael Helschein

Educator | Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

"You have awakened apart of me that I have ever never known! It was all there, underneath the surface, but she just needed to be released. Thank you so much!"

—Amanda Spencer | Wisconsin

"Throughout the Your Sexy Cycle course, Ali gently guides you to understanding exactly what it means to embrace and be the feminine Goddess you are. With so much love and care she shares her overflowing wisdom is such an effortless and easy to digest way making you get super excited to celebrate being a woman and your cycle. This course was exactly what I was looking for to take my health to the next level. I am so grateful Ali and Your Sexy Cycle came into my life exactly when I needed it."

—Melissa Ambrosini

Author & Speaker | Australia

"Ali is, without a doubt, the most integral aspect of Wild Feminine Unleashed. Coming from a "do it" mindset, I was pleasantly surprised to experience how she is able to hold space, love and support for those she works with. Even if there are no answers, Ali is able to offer her unconditional presence and validation, which is definitely a breath of fresh air. She truly embodies the wild woman archetype and has an innate ability to embody those around her. I am so glad to have connected with her."

—Adelina Sarkisyan

Writer | California

"Alexandra is a rare gem. She is a visionary, a beacon of light, a leader and wise beyond her years. She is our mama wolf. I am so grateful for finding her and Wild Feminine Un.leashed."

—Sarah Thompson

Account Executive | California


"Ali is a leader of a rare and powerful kind. She guides with such grace and raw pure passion. The more I hear her express the more in love with her I fall. She has a way of connecting with women that inspires me to know end. Her work empowers me to embrace all of my wildness. Her heart is BIG and she gives a lot."

—Amber Rose Stahl

Shamanic Artist | Florida

"Where to start! Ali is the personification of walking the talk. She is real, she is honest and she holds the space at Wild Feminine Un.leashed in such a magical way because she is these things before all else. Just her own person showing up. It touches me at my very core to be able to walk a path with her - as she holds her self in this way - she's not saying - hay look here at me - be like me - like many do in this space - she's saying - I'm being myself so you too can learn how to embrace who you are for yourself. This is a rare and an incredible skill. Personally, I feel it's impossible not to love all she is and be impassioned by all stands for and the way she does it - in my mind Ali represents the new power in the world - and it makes it easy to fall in love with life knowing this."

—Melissa Tal

Entrepreneur | Australia

"Working with Ali has been one of the best decisions I've made for my femininity and search for my own truth. She gave me real resources and practices to help me connect to my Divine feminine, to truly find direction, and to love and respect who I was created to be. I have seen amazing growth since working with Ali and can't wait to see what the future holds."

—Nicole Hoover

R.N. | Georgia

"The positive energy that radiates from Ali is undeniable. A true speaker of truth for all women. No doubt the most influential and inspiring woman I have ever had the pleasure to interact with."

—Browning Kenney | Missouri


"Ali is a gem among women! Her want to empower women has deeply affected me in the best way possible! I have learned so much in the time I've been reading WWS and being involved with the group she runs on Facebook. She has changed my life completely, always has a smile and compliment in her words and voice, and is just a genuine woman to be around or to witness in her presence. She's been an amazing mentor and I am so happy she is one of the people I call my mentor."

—Victoria Rose | Texas

"Alexandra's class presented a dynamic balance of information, spirit, and healing that is difficult to achieve. Any young woman who is new to her cycle will find information that will take her through her bleeding years. Women who have a difficult time with their periods can use it to approach their cycle from a new perspective. If you already walk the path of moon-time love it's an awesome opportunity to take a new look at the path your walking. It's totally worth it."

—Martha Eden

Chinese Herbalist | Washington

"Ali, you are a pioneer assisting women to reconnect with themselves and paving the way for future generations. I am so blessed to be a part of the amazing collective you've created!"

—Jennifer Austin

Reflexologist | British Columbia

"I stumbled upon Ali's work at a time when I felt called to step away from societal projections of who I was supposed to be and to step more deeply into my wild feminine nature. I was immediately drawn to the raw and deep quality of her prose and craved more. Because of Ali I am now reveling in my wildness, celebrating my moon time and filling my life with self love rituals that make me feel like a sacred badass goddess.

Shortly after I found her she opened the doors to the Wild Feminine Un.Leashed temple and I knew I was in from the moment I saw it. After dealing with toxic relationships with other women my whole life, I had no idea how much I needed true sisterhood. Being a part of the Wild Feminine Un.Leashed has torn me apart and healed things I didn't know were broken.

If you are a woman in need of sisterhood and have interest in rewriting the stories of your experience with other women I strongly suggest the magic that is this group."

—Alicia McNee

Yoga Instructor | Maryland

"Ali has given me so much information... I find I am constantly filling my sisterhood journal with quotes and/or advice that Ali serves us on a monthly/weekly/daily basis. She has helped me to realize I judge myself too harshly; I am only human. I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am today if it wasn't for this beautiful soul helping to guide me there. Personal mentorship, sisterhood groups, guest mentors, circle times... all have helped to expand my Self and Ali has been the one spearheading each of these ventures. I owe her a lifetime of thanks."

—Paula Martin

Tarot Reader | Wyoming


"I love all the layers of Ali. I really appreciate she has taught me about adornment. I used to feel selfish spending money on myself. Now I treat myself like how I would want a man to treat me."

—Amber Pool | California



"Jeez, what can I say about Ali. I love this woman so much. Not only is she one of the coolest chicks to hang with, she is one of the most caring, honest, loving, compassionate, open and radiant women I have ever met. She has her softer side but then she also doesn't take shit. I have learned so much from her, in terms of setting boundaries and never compromising your sense of self. She is such a beautiful role model who shows women, just by being her true self, the balance between standing up for what you believe in and softening into life's experiences. She really brings her authentic self to the table and loves her sisters unapologetically and with a full heart. She is a fucking goddess and a fierce leader of WFU. She creates a space for women to feel extremely comfortable opening up in any way they desire. There is no judgement from Ali, just straight up love and presence. She's also super fun to dance with ;)I seriously adore her so much and I attribute much of my success to her. She has not only acted as my sister in WFU but also as my mentor. Ali has helped me live from a more authentic place and find a level of passion that pushes me each day to own my passions, to move toward my desires and to not let anyone or anything get in the way of living out my purpose. She has a way of coaxing out our core selves, helping us feel less tamed and more free."

—Sarah Diedrick

Yoga Instructor | Vermont

"Ali holds space like no other in my current journey. Her reflection of the feminine brings out an all inclusive spectrum of diversity, and enhances the wild woman archetype in the women she is influencing."

—Brandie Kohl

Energy Medicine Practitioner | New York