A Podcast for Real Ass Women (& Men, if They Dare to Listen!)

... talking about the real life experiences that make us human.

Birthed from the the gritty, intense, and fucking hilarious conversational flames about life I have with the people closest to me (and with myself in my own head), this podcast was born.

It’s like, the talks you’d have in privacy or behind closed doors with your best friend or lover - except instead it’s me putting myself on blast and being the scapegoat for all y’all by publishing my real life experiences to the internet for you to relate to.

You’re welcome in advance.

This isn’t the pretty, polished or nice - THE RAW EXPERIENCE is weekly truth-telling with a woman who’s passion in life is keeping it as real and human as possible in a world that’s constantly setting us up for unrealistic expectations in life and navigating us away from the truth of who we are.

Hosted by me, your girl Alexandra Schueler, every Thursday - these are savage, transparent, intimate and literally unedited dialogues with other real ass people, which peer into the chaos and messiness of what it means to be a modern woman trying to be herself in a world that would have her living otherwise.

The RAW Experience consists of both solo episodes of Alexandra riffing on her personal experiences, ranting on things she’s passionate about, or poetically musing on the the mystical nature of life - as well as hosting real talk what friends and colleagues from her actual life as guests.

No bullshit or bypassing - all fun & fuckery.


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I offer this podcast from the passion that lives in my heart for bringing more realness into the world, and is something I fund with my own time, energy, and resources.

Your contribution supports me in the continued creation of this offering, which I tend to keep going for a very long time.

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