Your Body & Soul Will Always Know Best

It's that feeling,

rapidly creeping up your spine

shiver, shiver...

That flutter in your heart,

oh - did it just skip a beat?

It's that inner knowing,

your intuition,

you know it's always right - why even question it anymore?

We question it because we've been taught to.

We've been slowly but surely,

guided away from listening to those physical notifications,

those internal sign posts,

that scream "YES!!!"

or "NO."

in response to what you're faced with.

When you feel that shiver of being deeply moved,

do you pay attention to what it is?

Does it stop you in your tracks,

identifying that you're on the right path?

When you get chills,

and the hair on your arms stands on end,

do you follow that feeling of elation, excitement and enthusiasm?

When your heart flutters with delight,

with exquisite resonance that what you're feeling

is indeed exactly how you want to feel,

does it stop you in your tracks so that you can breathe in that beauty?

We move so fast and are taught to be so logical,

so mentally focused,

so brain oriented.

What about the body?

What about the spirit?

What about the soul?

What about our feelings?

All of these things have intelligence, too.

Beyond our mind.

Beyond our thinking.

Beyond our logic.

When we listen to these physical signs,

that cause an emotional reaction within us,

I deeply believe they can serve as guidance for us on our path in life.

Listening to those subtle queues that our body and soul offer

that are acutely highlighting what's working and what's not working,

they keep us on track with who we want to be,

and where we want to go.

Sister, listen.

Truly listen.

Take notice of what makes your hair stand on end,

and what sends a shiver down your spine.

Take notice of what deeply inspires you,

enlivening your spirit to no end.

Physical queues are as valid as our logic.

Sometimes, the body even knows best.

The body is working in our favor,

not against us.

Let's allow it to do it's job that much better,

by listening to what it has to say,

instead of ignoring it.