You Need to Know That You're Enough

This is an ode to the women of the world — to the women who ever question whether they are "enough".

Sweet woman,

When the world has you down, I'll be the first to tell you,

You are enough.

When you are ridden with stress, carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders,

trying to do it all, be it all, see it all,

You are enough.

Those moments where you wish you do please everyone all at once but you simply can't meet each person's expectations,

You are enough.

Each time you aim for perfection and your humanness creeps in,

You are enough.

When you look in the mirror, judging every line, wrinkle, crease, and curve,

I want you to know that you are enough.

When your heart aches with pain, eyes pouring an never-ending waterfall of tears from losing a loved one,

You are still enough.

When you feel your shadows creeping in, attempting to sabotage your thoughts, feelings, and desires,

You are absolutely enough.

If that relationship ends, when you thought he was the absolute love of your life,

Sister, let me tell you — your relationship does not define you. A man does not define you.

You are enough just as you are.

Even when you don't get the job and you wonder if you have any really service to offer the world,

I'm telling you that you absolutely do.

You are enough.

When you are tending to children, cooking three meals a day, keeping the house clean, nurturing your family, and just barely keeping up with life itself,

I want you to know that you are still enough.

Seeing women in the world who seemingly have it perfectly together all the time — they don't really, they are just like you and me,

We are all enough just as we are.

Questioning your self-worth, wondering if you have value, beating yourself up on a daily basis,

Sister, you are more than enough.

When someone says something that hurts you, and you begin to feel less than,

I promise you, you are still enough.

Even when your heart is breaking and you feel like your world is falling apart around you,

You are magic. You are medicine. You are enough.

Women of the world, this message is for you. This is for every time you questioned whether you are worth anything, whether you have any inherent value, whether you mean anything.

Every single one of you has incredible value.

Every single one of you has immense worth.

Every single one of you means something to me, and probably mean something to a whole bunch of other people, too.