Remain Untamed, Wild Woman

Dear woman,

Did any one ever tell you that you're wild inside?

Innately and deep down in the very bones of you,

within the internal cauldron of your core being,

you're wild.

Perhaps no one told you that you were wild,

but maybe you've known you were all along.

As a little girl, did the fairies guide you?

Did the plants and animals speak to do you?

Were you connected to the divine intelligence you are embodied?

I'll guess the Goddess came to you, as a young wild one

not yet mis-led to think that spiritual energy doesn't exist.

We each start out connected to the wildness of our essence,

listening, open, in awe, connected to our source,

and living from that wildness.

Yet as we grow, as we age, as we spend more time on the planet,

they begin to tame us.

Sure, some of us slip through the shackles of domestication,

just barely escaping the chains, unscathed.

Most of us? They try to tame us.

Too often they succeed,

training us to be just like every other sheep.

Don't ask questions, don't express yourself, follow the pattern of everyone else.

Be yourself? Ha! Follow the model.

They will try to medicate you, mis-educate you, and mass control you.

But you know what remains unchanged?

That we are born wild, and we die wild.

Not yet tainted by society, we are born free as tiny creatures landing on earth,

and when we return to the earth once again as elders,

we die free once again, leaving our bodies to merge once again with the infinity of the cosmos.

Wildness is intrinsic to us as human beings.

There isn't a single person on earth who can take that from us.

Our wild nature is ours to claim, lying dormant just under the surface

patiently awaiting our for us to make the choice to embrace this most essential part of ourselves.

They can burn us, bleed us, and try to deceive us,

but the truth always prevails.

They can call us a witch, slut, whore, bitch, cunt, feminist,

but they don't truly understand us.

They can tell us that we're crazy, too much, not enough, overly emotional, and beyond repair

but in reality,

we are already whole and perfect just as we are.

Because nature created us to be wild,

and wildness isn't something that can be deemed inadequate or less-than.

Yes, you'll scare some people with your untamed ferocity,

you'll shake things up, some might feel uncomfortable, but it's not about you

they just don't know how to handle you.

They don't know how to handle wildness.

While a woman who has unleashed and embraced her wild feminine nature is few and far between,

the women are gathering.

The call has been made, and the women are answering.

Choose to break the mold and lead the pack.

Posted on December 11, 2014 and filed under Poetry, Inspiration.