It's Time to Start Believing in Yourself Right Now

This is for all of the women out there who don't believe in themselves.

For the women who think that they can't do it,

the ones who "just don't have it in them" to make their dreams come true.

For the women who have been cut down one too many times,

that the idea of standing up again is exhausting in and of itself.

For the women who have failed more times than they can count,

and just can't take the bruising of another loss on their record sheet.

For the women who have been crossed, hurt, betrayed,

so many times that you don't even trust yourself anymore.

This is for every woman who has ever questioned herself,

for any woman who has ever wondered if she can really do it - whatever "it" might be.

This is for you, sister.

The time for questioning yourself has ended.

The time for distrusting yourself is over.

The time for giving up is no more.

It's time to lick your wounds,

and stand sister, stand.

Stand tall,

stand brave,

stand wise.

Take up space,

make noise,

let us see you.

There is so much room for you in this world.

So much so, that there is literally a body made just for you, specifically for your special soul to inhabit and take up space with on this planet.

No more doubting yourself.

No more saying you "just can't do it".

No more letting people take advantage of you.

Don't keep letting some of the best parts of you wither away.

Whether you're quiet or loud,

small or large,

short or tall,

outgoing or reserved,

there is a place for you.

Speak your truth, claim what's yours, and be who you are.

Your dreams are yours to be had.

Your dreams are yours to be lived.

Your dreams aren't going to happen unless you start now.

Whether you want to be a more wildly expressive woman,

become a mother of multiple children,

start your own business from the group up,

live a life off-grid with your loved one,

become a professional dancer,

or just feel a little more ecstatic on a regular basis,

that's yours to claim.

Your dreams are yours to live into,

and they're never going to happen unless you start living into them now.

So, claim it, sister,

claim that powerful woman that lives inside of you.

Claim that technicolor personality that is yours to express,

be that kind-hearted woman to yourself, like you are to your friends and your loved ones.

And start believing in yourself in this moment,

right now.