Passionate, Honest Writing & Storytelling About Being a Woman

I'm Alexandra (Ali, for short!) and I'm a writer, storyteller, spoken word poetess, and world traveler.

My work is focuses on writing and storytelling as a means for healing and the liberation of women.

If there's anything I've learned in my 8 years of writing on and working with women on the modern experiences and issues that we face, it's that every woman has a story. And usually lots of them.

Time and time again I’ve witnessed the force for change that occurs when women share their stories with one another.

Whether that force for change is supporting them in healing old wounds, processing residual trauma, or scripting a new narrative for themselves — writing and storytelling does all this and more.

I write and share daily with my Patreon community, host a weekly podcast called 'The RAW Experience', and curate women's only retreats twice a year in beautiful locations around the world.

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