Don't Give a Fuck What They Think

People are so quick to judge one another’s lives these days
As if it’s some kind of dog show
Where everyone’s making notes in each category of the contestants life
Taking or allowing points based on their narrow life view

I Chose Being Evocative As My Vocation

I find it entertaining when people feel the need to try & check me on the language that I use in my writing.

The language I use often challenges people's belief systems & it’s not uncommon for me to receive a variety of messages from those who hold the belief systems I’m challenging, reaching out in an attempt to keep their ideals patched together by telling me how I’m doing it wrong.

I Will Always Be a Voice for Women

To all of the beautiful humans who read the article I shared last week detailing the experience I went through in having an abortion recently.

All 4,000+ of you.

I Had An Abortion & I Want to Talk About It

Another one of those moments for me, happened just a couple weeks ago, when I came to find out that a missed period was in fact pregnancy, with life that I would not be bringing into the world.

I looked at the positive pregnancy test, as a sense of numbness flooded my body — one of my closest girlfriends looking on at me, while I was sitting on the toilet, staring blankly at this plastic stick, taking in the information in front of me with a sense of disbelief.

I’m pregnant and I won’t be having what would eventually be, a baby.

Don't Fall for the Façade of Social Media

Don’t be fooled by the Instagram façade

It's anywhere and everywhere you turn on social media

Perfectly sculpted feeds of photos

Engendering a sense of everyone having it all together

Fuck Simple Strategies, How-To's & 9 Things You Need to Be

This space isn't a 12 steps how to

5 ways you can

3 simple strategies for

9 things you need to be

100 things you aren't

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