An Album of Spoken Word

She's a Woman Unto HerselfSpoken Word Album.png

The world we live in today, has enacted a multitude of social structures over the years with the intent of keeping women small, quiet, manageable, and tame.

Today, now, this moment in history - we need women unapologetically freeing themselves from the patriarchal and social constructs that are holding us back and holding us down.

We need women rising up into their power uninhibitedly, relentlessly, and with a ferocity like we've never seen before - with a sense of bravery, courage and vulnerability that's unmatched and brings a person to their knees in awe.

Women who are willing to remember, reconnect to, and reintegrate their passion, anger, and rage.

And that - that is what my work stands for.

Fearless offerings and writing for all of us dangerous, powerful women out there - as Audre Lorde so beautifully refers to womankind, as.

So, I made you something.

It's a thirteen track album I created performing some of the poetry most dear to my heart, that I wrote in the trenches of the reclamation of my womanhood which you can download below, FOR FREE!

But these poems don't simply serve as written reclamation of just my womanhood, it can serve as a reclamation of your womanhood, too.

Because these words are not just for me.

They're for you.

May this album of poetry from my heart & personal life experience serve as inspiration for you inhabiting the totality & gorgeous fullness of your womanhood, your truth & your life as a whole.