Name: Elisa Rosselli

Age: 41

Occupation: Singer, songwriter,motivator, healer

Tell us about yourself!: I am that kind of person who feels that was born to do something great for the planetary evolution, and for her own. I was born an indigo with a taste for Music, Nature and Magic. My mom : a witch,a pianist, a Champion in sports.My father: a charismatic, intelligent, but violent and sexist man.Drummer, sport Champion and architect. 2 Big brothers.
All atheists (they). I lived forThe music , lived in London, travelled a lot, been in social movements, been a rebel , fighting for human rights.Tried many religions, and new age disciplines.I am a natural born healer, motivator, I know how to encourage others and to guide them through bis changes. I am single Right now , Just had a miscarriage. About to begin a new , grand chapter Of My LIFE where I don't feel Like I Have to choose between being an Artist or a healer. I am all, I am whole and ready to give My contribution on a bigger scale.

What is your definition of what a “wild woman” is?: A WILD WOMAN is a WOMAN who recognise in Her body and her soul the rhythms , the attributes and the carachteristics of Mother nature, and feels this connection with the Eath, the Moon and the Universe at large. She also Loves to BE a Unique expression Of Nature, she has a lifestyle that celebrates her nature as a woman, and feels connected to the othe Women. She is a healer, she is Magic, she is truth, she is always listening and understanding the language of Nature, animals, plants and she surfs though dimentions being Earth bound and grounded at the same time.She is protective in a positive way, she is free but also part Of her comunity.

How would you describe your life was like before starting your journey of being a wild woman?: My life actually started with me being a very WILD kid. I was already aware of what being WILD was, and I expected to be treated as such. But at the age Of 8 I was dealing with childhood abuses and growing hate for men. I become a little femminist, Warrior, Xena kind of type, I became more masculine. Had many lovers,mainly 2 kinds, the violent one or the passive one. Music was My way to communicate my real emotions and I was very ambitious. I was a leader in many groups, I was a firework, always the clown, or the star. To My family I was crazy, I always felt Nobody undersood me, an outsider apart from when I was the clown Of the situation. I was constantly craving for a greater meaning, I wanted to Connect with My soul and to alike minded, change the world, make it home.
I was into all that was esotheric, spiritual, natural,sustainainable, but inside I kept feeling desperate for real connections.

What were your biggest insecurities before engaging your inner wild woman?:My insecurities were many:
My sexual energy was considered a problem in My family and in My small community. I grow up feeling a whore.
I also was never enough for My father, so I Grew up craving for significance and feeling like I couln't ever loose.
Being an artist and a traveller, a crazy girl, I Used to feel like a had no roots, no direction.
Being a provocateur I felt I didn't belong to the society and to this planet at large.

What is your life like now that you are actively engaging your inner wild woman?: Now that I got BACK to my Wild Me I feel like all My insecurities are My great virtues, that I was just experimenting the contrast that these qualities Of mine could provide for the world , to make the most Of them now. I do Not feel I have to do something in paticular to be loved, accepted ,seen, and I am all right with providing contrast to someone...We all are here to grow together. I am more feminine and I attract better partners.Drama is out Of My life. I love myself more and more and I want every WOMAN to feel like this, I trust My Body , I celebrate a lot ( moontime, Equinox etc). Women don't feel threatened By me anymore( because I had that Xena energy I used to hide IT becoming almost INVISIBLE on purpose , hiding My shinining light) , I am connected with many many women, on web and in real life. I have less fear to be abused as a WOMAN, I am not a feminist anymore, I believe in balance between feminine and masculine. I am ready to take up My space to fullfill My dreams: dedicating all My time to empower people through every mean I can , art included. I don't del feel alone When I am By My self.When do I reach for some friends ,I feel love is always available.
Talking about the partner I imagine By My side...definitely A WILD Man. My life now is more complete , full of magic and of special people.It's just the beginning though....I am myself, so Good to be me, finally!!!!

What are your five most favorite aspects of yourself as a wild woman?: 
My sexual energy ,I feel one with Everything when I make love and when I self pleasure, it has a sacred quality .
I am aware Of every part Of the cycle and get out the maximum from each phase.
I trust My instinct.
My senses are the doorway to Magic.
I am connected with WILD Women and feel like we are one big organism, each one with her own role.

What was the biggest realization, experience, or transformation that most helped you to start unleashing and embracing your wild feminine nature?: IT was descovering How the feminine was kept secret and how IT was necessary to bring IT back.      (actually some books on Magdalena and Jesus). All the lies we're been told about how we should be, feel , do as Women!!!!
I stopped taking the birth control pill. My song " Mothers" was the beginning Of a personal and artistic change all centered on the Feminine and the Goddess, rewilding myself in the meantime ant figuring out how to live in a more sustainable way as a race on the planet.

What is your favorite part of expressing your wild feminine nature?: Naked, naked, naked in the woods, naked in the rain, naked in the water. Dancing , dancing dancing like a WILD WOMAN does. Singing, chanting, alone, in Women circles, everywhere, any moment. Learning more about the archetipes and the moon cycle. Nourishing and being Nourished, with food, books, Sisters circles. Have visions, dreams,intuitions, communicating with My Inner self. Being in Nature.

When do you feel the wildest?: 
When I am naked in the woods
When I orgasm
When I smell things
When I am connected with My emotions
When I dance

Why did you decide to participate in Wild Women Unveiled?: After sharing secrets I had, my shadow part , with my Sisters in WILD Feminine Un.Leashed and feeling so relieved and understood. There was so much beauty in everybody's shadows that I fell in love with my sisters even more. I relised the power of reading other's experiences.

What is your message to other women out there who are just beginning their journey as a wild woman, or haven’t started yet but feel the call of the wild woman speaking to their soul?: My message is to reach out for other sisters ,we are here for each other. You were always ok the way You are.


Instagram: elisarosselli