Name: Chloe Parsons

Age: 26

Occupation: Mother and Teacher

Tell us about yourself!: I don't have the right 100 words for myself, but I'm the kind of person who gets you to think deeply about why I've made you laugh.

What is your definition of what a “wild woman” is?: A wild woman wields her wisdom, her skills, and her body with intuitive precision, expanding and allowing herself to take up valuable space in the world.

How would you describe your life was like before starting your journey of being a wild woman?: Before becoming wild, I sought to shrink (and shrink-wrap) myself to physically and cognitively take up less space than I deserved. I fell prey to a commercial standard of beauty, which resulted in a cavernous hull of a body and a bathroom closet full of remedies. I adhered to the acceptable female parameters of magazines and media. I swallowed everything the doctor put in my cup. I mistook intuition for invalidated emotions. Most destructively, I feared other women out of the nature of competition.

What were your biggest insecurities before engaging your inner wild woman?: I worried incessantly about what people thought of me, which morphed me into a people-pleasing chimera of un-woman trying desperately to like the right music, wear the right clothes, vote for the right candidate, and drive the right car. I worried about control--that if I didn't maintain control that I would fall apart. I worried that other women must have had everything under control; they never sweat, their pubic hair grew to finite length, they didn't have cellulite, they could always afford the newest seasonal wardrobe. I worried I would never be the woman I wanted to be because other people expected me to be something else.

What is your life like now that you are actively engaging your inner wild woman?: Before practicing and seeking wildness, I used to question my uninhibited actions: "Why do I suddenly want to DANCE? Why does swimming naked feel so GOOD?" Now I have the complete opposite experience--I question my inhibitions: "Why do I feel like I can't express this opinion? Why am using this product--is it a good choice or just clever marketing? Why am I responding this way to my daughter, what feels more natural?" My wild woman is now in question of how I've been domesticated and actively seeking to unleash my honest reactions, my feminine intuition, and my inherent wisdom. I've been taught by society how to be a mother, but I'm un-learning that every day as I learn how to trust my instincts.
My former self sought approval, my wild woman seeks fulness.
My former self sought to fix my body, my wild woman seeks to nourish my body.
My former self sought to cover up, my wild woman seeks to exhibit and teach.
My former self sought to submit, my wild woman seeks to lead.
My former self sought the authoritative knowledge of others, my wild woman tunes into my inner wisdom.
My former self sought to compete with other women, my wild woman seeks to celebrate with other women.

What are your five most favorite aspects of yourself as a wild woman?: Food - Food us fuel, it's pleasure, it's nourishment, it's dripping and crunching and sizzling and sexy. It is not my enemy anymore. 

Birth - My birth was empowering and spiritual. My body was completely and perfectly strengthened and ripened all at once. I crave that transformational and transcendent trance every day.

Motherhood - Every motherly decision I have made has come from a deep internal questioning of "what would I do if we were in the wild? What does my instinct tell me?" I have a healthy and happy daughter--all of those decisions have been right for us so far.

Sex - I have always been drawn to sexuality yet squelched my own sexual expression. As a wild woman, the learning opportunities are endless!

Body image - My body looks exactly the way it's supposed to look. I'm strong. I'm incredibly capable. I exude confidence. I feel sexy and beautiful, and I feel the same way about the other women in my life.

What was the biggest realization, experience, or transformation that most helped you to start unleashing and embracing your wild feminine nature?: I lost my first pregnancy to a miscarriage which broke my heart into a thousand pieces, but as I put it back together I simply rearranged the pieces and even threw some pieces away. I discovered that my doctors hadn't given me the right information about my birth options, and it wasn't until after my blindly trusting experience with the deadly drug Cytotec that I decided I KNEW better and I DESERVED better. When I became pregnant with my daughter in the months following, I finally embraced the truth that my body was designed for motherhood and birth, and that my body would be my new authority.

What is your favorite part of expressing your wild feminine nature?: Expressing my wild feminine nature gives other women the courage to do the same.

When do you feel the wildest?: I feel the wildest at the crest of a birthing surge, as I emit a wild moaning song, my body breathes in the tension and dispels throughout my body, my womb opens, and a new life is welcomed earth-side.

Why did you decide to participate in Wild Women Unveiled.: For the prize money.

What is your message to other women out there who are just beginning their journey as a wild woman, or haven’t started yet but feel the call of the wild woman speaking to their soul?: Our culture is degenerating and decaying exponentially. You cannot be a creature of degeneration and evolution at the same time. Your inner wild woman will never lead you to destruction. She will never humiliate you, shame you, box you in, or leave you unsatisfied. She wants you to thrive, to nourish yourself, to find pleasure, and to grow.