WITCH Archetype Botanical Perfume

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WITCH Archetype Botanical Perfume


The WITCH archetype is an adaptable, mystical force that comes in many forms.

Whether she represents herself as a mother, activist, herbalist, entrepreneur, or all of the above - the WITCH archetype is a creatrix who harnesses the potency of the moment and connects deeply to the essence of life.

Tools for prayers and ritual smell of mysterious plants, the steam of sacred herbs over a slow flame, and the scent of enchanted, smoldering wands. The seasons inform, the earth is a compass, and the cycles of nature are the heartbeat.

Focus is the real magic here. Concentrated intention, the conjuring of energies for a meaningful purpose; to release, to heal, to cultivate, and bless. These signatures of the witch energy are not to be damned, but are to be embraced, welcomed, cherished and honored.

The WITCH ARCHETYPE botanical perfume honors the many facets of this energy.

It anoints with sacred herbs, enchanted essences, and bewitching alchemy. Mysterious, complex, and magnetic, this 100% natural plant perfume is a spell in a bottle.

Blended by the incredible Ananda Wilson of Amrita Aromatics, WITCH opens with a ritual of healing camellia leaf and osmanthus flower tea, garnished with delicate citrus, fine spices, and spiked with a splash of gorgeous bourbon.

Blooming from your warm skin is a garden flourishing with myriad fragrant roses; vintage roses with voluptuous floral complexity, sweet beach roses, and grassy heirloom tea roses growing from sweet, well nourished earth.

The moonflower spirals in and out to the tide of the moon, and rich, semi-sweet tobacco leaves hang along the wooden beams emanating the power and transformation of hundreds of years of plant ceremony.

Oaky Tahitian vanilla bean warms the spirit, and threads of sophisticated fine saffron bless the drydown.

True fossilized amber resin, rock rose, tonka bean, and precious agarwood anchor the composition with a sensual and magnetic ambery soft incense.

Adorn your skin for pleasure or purpose, this mysterious magic potion wears beautifully day and night, or can be reserved for anointing at sacred times.

Other Details:

Perfume comes in a 5 ml. flask bottle with a silver screw cap.

Fragrance Family: Floriental

Fragrance CharacteristicsMysterious, bewitching, enchanting, deep, beautiful, rose gardens, tea leaves, dried flower arrangements, altars, incense, tea, tobacco, leather, stones.

Sillage / Tenacity: WILD WOMAN lasts 2 - 7 hours, and varies depending on personal chemistry, amount applied, temperature and physical activity. Natural perfumes evolve differently on each person.

The WILD WOMAN archetype botanical perfume is a strong percentage Pure Perfume Extrait strength held in a stable base of coconut oil and artisanal spirits.

Care: Store away from light and heat, in a neutral environment.

Packaging: Your perfume will arrive on a bed of moss with dried herbs or flowers, in a black box made of recycled material, tucked into a reusable decorative pouch and with an informational card.

Safety: Patch test before wear, consult physician if you are pregnant or nursing or experiencing any nervous system issues. Keep out of reach of children. Do not wear before direct exposure to sun. Do not apply near mucous membranes or tender areas of the body.

Amrita Aromatics perfumes are 100% Natural, Artisanal Botanical fragrances. Phthalate, synthetic, and paraben free. Handcrafted in small batches.

© Amrita Aromatics, Ananda Wilson, All rights reserved

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