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Alexandra Schueler (or Ali, for short!) is a writer, spoken word poetess, storyteller, world traveler and proud feminist.

She hosts a budding new podcast that's brims with real talk amongst real ass people, nurtures a vortex of word-weaving on Patreon, and believes deeply in the force of change that is women breaking the chains of oppression while standing with one another in solidarity.

Known for being a voice known for truth-telling on important issues women face using her poetry and prose, she also hosts bi-annual retreats that encourage women to come together as a force for change.

She's excited to be building her new Patreon community, podcast audience, and shares actively on Instagram & Facebook.

Obsessive Word Weaver

Spoken Word Poetess

Advocate for Intersectional Feminism

Curator of Women's Retreats & Experiences

Mama Wolf to a Virtual Sisterhood & Pack of Wild Women

Pleasure Medicine Purveyor

Let’s Go a Little Deeper

If I had to condense it down to a bite-size, not-so-digestible bit to describe what I do, it's this:


The reason why this is so revolutionary, is because as women, we are very much still in the trenches of oppression, which keep us small and hold us back from showing up to life as our fullest selves.

This isn't some divisive type shit, where there's certain women who are "real" and other's who aren't.

This movement I'm galvanizing is one that embraces all those who identify as female as real ass women, and collectively walking out the journey of what it means to be a real ass woman in a society that attempts to oppress our fullness around every corner.

I primarily move this movement through the written word, because writing is my craft, my medium for healing, and my most passionate form of self-expression.

However, I also have a thing for gathering women in community both in-person and online to take the themes I speak about in my writing a lot more deeply, by putting them into lived action together in a way where we can witness and inspire one another's upliftment.

My writing is frequently catered to women because I'm passionate about the issues that we as modern women are facing today, but everything I write holds potent learning for men who are willing to take a back seat and listen to the the struggles we face, in order to support us in our rising.

The way I word weave is multifaceted, between poetry and prose, long-form articles to angsty rants — I do it all.

The main thing about my writing is that it's motivated by my personal experiences, so what I write is 99.9% of the time fueled by things I've gone through myself and have processed through the written word.

You'll hear recurring themes show up like learning to finding the power of our voices, connecting to our innermost truth, being game-changingly transparent, learning to be vulnerable as fuck, celebrating our erotic creature by owning our sexuality, and most importantly: loving our damn selves completely.

On a Personal Note

I’m an intense mix of a fighting spirit with a deep seated sense of responsibility purposefully — a cauldron of modern day warrior chick meets empowerment activist, quadruple Scorpio, with a heavy pinch of witchy vibes, and a little bit of hip-hop flair.

Under my warrior-like armor, I have an ooey gooey center that’s made of nothing but the utmost tender, soft love for all. Just don't cross me.

I'm a resilient, truth seeking spirit with a passionate love for the complexity of what it means to be a woman — plus I'm a tattooed dog mama, who’s catharsis, medicine, and healing is in writing.

Frida Kahlo and Anaïs Nin are my greatest muses.

In my free time, I’m probably writing like a mad woman, studying with one of my mentors, causing mischief with girlfriends, traveling the world, reading inspiring literature, trying to share butterfly kisses with my dog child, making herbal remedies, car camping in the desert, soaking in some hot springs, or relishing in a delicious meal and wine.

A Snapshot of My Story

From photography major to masseuse; jewelry maker to natural health product sales associate; through many years of women’s leadership trainings, mystery school initiations, self-study, and some really spectacular mentors at my back teaching me every step of the way, I found my way back to my passion and “dream job”: writing in the name of women keeping it totally fucking real.

I’m a college art school drop out, certified massage therapist, women’s leadership graduate and trainee, and wouldn’t change a single step of my journey that’s brought me to where I am today.

I have a firm belief that having a piece of paper makes me no more equipped to tell the truth of my experiences and offer nuggets of wisdom from that place, and that a life being lived fully is the best schooling we can have.

With the desire to always be learning and growing, I’m a woman in process who is all heart, dedication, with a tremendous commitment to serve.

I'm a truth-seeker and truth-teller at all costs, no matter how gritty or uncomfortable that can be sometimes, and transmute those truth’s into experience-based writing and support for women worldwide.

Merging the sacred and the profane is truly the name of my game — there’s nothing too dark or too scary for me, which is part of where I'm able to show up so fully: because I embrace and celebrate the full spectrum of our humanity so completely,

Whether it’s shame-busting, trauma-processing, or repression-breaking, I’m here to walk it all out, every step of the way with how I express myself and share with the world — digging into the trenches of righteous rage, dipping into the well of grief, and rising all the way up to the greatest joy and spell-binding ecstasy.