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Alexandra Schueler (or Ali, for short) is a writer, spoken word poetess, storyteller & traveler.

She believes believes in "ruthless truths", that there's a healing power in storytelling, and her readers appreciate her for the rawness and candor with which she writes and tells the stories of her life and personal experiences as a woman in this modern era.

Ali's writing is inspired through personal experience, so every article, poem, or story she tells is typically born from something directly out of her life and she doesn't cut corners when it comes to getting to the gritty heart of the matter in what she's trying to convey in her work.

With a Hunter S. Thompson type of fearlessness, a wild relationship to travel akin to Jack Kerouac's, as well as an empowered sexual attitude and sense of freedom like that of Anaïs Nin; her writing style manifests like something of their love child; leather bound journals, writing on scraps of paper, hiding out in cabins in the woods, cafes in Paris, late nights of dancing, and all.

Ali hosts an edgy yet honest podcast called 'The RAW Experience', shares the majority of her body of work in the way of writing and poetry on Patreon, and hosts bi-annual retreats for women in beautiful locations around the world.
Her spoken word videos and articles have garnered tens of thousands of views across social media, with a few specific pieces leaving a potent and dramatic imprint across in the hearts and minds of people worldwide.

You can catch up with her latest writing and snippets from her travels on PatreonInstagram & Facebook.

Obsessive Word Weaver

Spoken Word Poetess

Curator of Retreats & Experiences for Women

Pleasure Medicine Purveyor

A Little More of the Why


For as long as I can remember, writing and telling my stories has been the way through which I find my personal healing and sense of wholeness.

I've always been a writer, but it wasn't until my younger brother died in a sudden and traumatic accident several years ago, while I was also in a long term, abusive relationship, that I began to truly rely on my ability to write and share my stories to navigate the grief and trauma I was experiencing.

If there's anything I've learned in my 8 years of writing on and working with women on the modern experiences and issues that we face, it's that every woman has a story.

And usually lots of them.

Time and time again I’ve witnessed the force for change that occurs when women share their stories with one another.

Whether that force for change is supporting them in healing old wounds, processing residual trauma, or scripting a new narrative for themselves—writing and storytelling does all this and more.

My personal life experiences and the experiences I witness women facing in the world today are what most inform my writing, as I intimately unpack how those experiences have effected myself and the women I know.

On a Personal Note

If there's one thing to know about me, it's that I'm resilient AF and whatever comes my way in life, I'll make some sort of art out of it.

I'm a self-proclaimed bitch, with an intense mix of a fighting spirit and a deep seated sense of responsibility and purposefulness—also, I think poop jokes are the funniest things ever.

Friends have referred to my seedy, sarcastic humor style as fit for stand up comedy; I either want to be having a shit ton of fun or a deep conversation, because anything in-between that will likely not keep my attention.

At the end of the day, under my warrior-like armor, I have an ooey gooey center that’s made of nothing but the utmost tender, soft love. I'm a huge fan of cuddles with friends and lovers alike; doing acts of service that make people I love smile gives me the utmost satisfaction in life.

Frida Kahlo and Anaïs Nin are a couple of my greatest muses, so things like a solo night out in paris, drinking wine and having a smoke on the street at a quaint cafe or drinking whiskey out of the bottle and dancing until the sun rises are my ideas of a good time.

In my free time, I’m probably writing like a mad woman, studying with one of my mentors, causing mischief with girlfriends, traveling the world, reading inspiring literature, trying to share butterfly kisses with my dog child, making herbal remedies, car camping in the desert, soaking in some hot springs, or relishing in a delicious meal and wine.


A Snapshot of My Story

From photography major to masseuse; jewelry maker to natural health product sales associate; through many years of women’s leadership trainings, mystery school initiations, self-study, and some really spectacular mentors at my back teaching me every step of the way, I found my way back to my passion and “dream job”: writing in the name of women keeping it totally fucking real.

I’m a college art school drop out, certified massage therapist, women’s leadership graduate and trainee, and wouldn’t change a single step of my journey that’s brought me to where I am today.

With the desire to always be learning and growing, I’m a woman in process who is all heart, dedication, with a tremendous commitment to serve.

I'm a truth-seeker and truth-teller at all costs, no matter how gritty or uncomfortable that can be sometimes, and transmute those truth’s into experience-based writing and support for women worldwide.

Merging the sacred and the profane is truly the name of my gamethere’s nothing too dark or too scary for me, which is part of where I'm able to show up so fully: because I embrace and celebrate the full spectrum of our humanity so completely,

Whether it’s shame-busting, trauma-processing, or repression-breaking, I’m here to walk it all out, every step of the way with how I express myself and share with the world—digging into the trenches of righteous rage, dipping into the well of grief, and rising all the way up to the greatest joy and spell-binding ecstasy.