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Alexandra (or Ali, for short!) is a writer, poet and advocate for women's empowerment, helping women to "keep it real" through finding their voice, connecting to their innermost truth, showing up with transparency, living authentically, and most importantly: loving their damn selves completely.

Her mission is passionately providing women with experience-based tools that inspire life-changing awakening, promoting emotional awareness, spiritual fulfillment, wild self-expression as well as a connection to their bodies and their natural cycles. She enjoys sharing her written musings each week with her mailing list, as well as each day with her community on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Obsessive Word Weaver

Spoken Word Poetess

Advocate for Intersectional Feminism

Curator of Retreats, Spiritual Initiations & Healing Circles

Mama Wolf to a Virtual Sisterhood & Pack of Wild Women

Pleasure Medicine Purveyor

Let’s Go a Little Deeper

The question that continues to inspire me over time, is: “How can I help women to expand?”

Whether it’s through societal oppression, familial repression, trauma, outdated stories and ideas, there are a lot of forces out there keeping women small.

My passion in life is taking women by the hand, whether literally or metaphorically, and helping to lead them back to their most intrinsic nature, where they feel connected to their sense of power and strength, feeling safe to live with an unbounded sense of freedom and uninhibited self-expression.

The work I do is supporting women in “keeping it really real” — in other words, find your voice, connect to your innermost truth, show up with transparency, live authentically, and most importantly: love your damn self completely.

I offer this guidance and facilitation through my writing, poetry, women’s circles, in-person retreats, and most especially through my online virtual sisterhood group.

In no way do I believe this journey can be taken alone, which is why I’m such a strong advocate for sisterhood and see it as one of the most healing forces on the planet.

When women support one another, miracles happen.

On a Personal Note

I’m an intense mix of a fighting spirit with a deep seated sense of responsibility to live with purpose — a cauldron of modern day warrior chick meets empowerment activist, quadruple Scorpio, with a heavy pinch of feminine spiritualist, witchy vibes, and a little bit of hip-hop flair.

Under my Scorpio shell, I have an ooey gooey center that’s made of nothing but the utmost tender, soft love for all. Just don’t cross me — Scorpio’s struggle with forgiveness, just a little.

As a resilient, truth seeking spirit, with a passionate love for the feminine mysteries, I lead a lifestyle that is constantly fueled by my study of women's empowerment, as well as my commitment to being a real ass woman.

I’m a tattooed dog mama, who’s catharsis, medicine, healing, and gift is in writing. Frida Kahlo and Anaïs Nin are my greatest muses.

In my free time, you can bet I’m off writing like a mad woman, researching soul-stirring womanly related topics, studying with one of my mentors, causing mischief with my dear girlfriends, traveling the world, reading inspiring literature, hiking in the woods with my dog child, making homemade herbal remedies, grooving at a hip-hop or dancehall class, or relishing in a delicious meal and wine.

A Snapshot of My Story

From photography major to masseuse; jewelry maker to natural health product sales associate; through many years of women’s leadership trainings, mystery school initiations, self-study, and some really spectacular mentors at my back teaching me every step of the way, I found my way back to my passion and “dream job”: writing in the name of empowerment women.

I’m a college art school drop out, certified massage therapist, women’s leadership graduate and trainee, and wouldn’t change a single step of my journey that’s brought me to where I am today.

I have a firm belief that having a piece of paper makes me no more equipped to support women in coming home to their truest selves, and that a life being lived fully is the best schooling we can have.

With the desire to always be learning and growing, I’m a woman in process who is all heart, dedication, with a tremendous commitment to serve.

I'm a truth-seeker and truth-teller at all costs, no matter how gritty or uncomfortable that can be sometimes, and transmute those truth’s into experience-based writing, guidance, and facilitation for women’s empowerment.

Merging the sacred and the profane is truly the name of my game — there’s nothing too dark or too scary for me, which is part of where I excel at supporting women in their process of transformation: because I can hold space like a motherfucker.

Whether it’s shame-busting, trauma-healing, or repression-breaking, I’m here to walk it all out, every step of the way with women — all the way to their greatest joy, ecstasy, and pleasure.

No more hiding, the women are rising. Come rise and keep it real with me.