Writing to De-stigmatize Women's Passion, Anger & Rage

I'm Alexandra (Ali, for short!) and I'm a writer, storyteller, spoken word poetess, and traveler.

My work is centered in destigmatizing women's passion, anger, and rage.

When women are passionate, angry, or enraged — it’s usually for a good reason.

However, these feelings we experience have been stigmatized by the idea of women being crazy, hysterical, or intense if they express those feelings — yet they’re feelings that are not only accepted, but nurtured in men.

I’ve grown so tired and bored with women being told that they’re too passionate, too angry, too enraged, when they’re feelings we’re so entitled to, given the struggles we face.

Of all the forces for change in the world, I believe that these feelings: passion, anger, and rage — are of the most potent.

I write and share daily with my Patreon community, host a weekly podcast called the RAW Experience, curate women's only retreats,

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